“Long-distance love requires more effort" is a common sentiment among couples who are far apart because the time they have together is limited. Even more so when they come from different cultures, they have to put in extra effort to make it special. Especially for men who have Thai girlfriends, they have to pay extra attention to Valentine's Day gifts because Thai women pay attention to details. Therefore, giving Valentine's Day gifts to your Thai girlfriends requires a little more thought. Love You Flower is here to help you reveal Valentine's Day gifts to Thai women, with the help of Open Chat AI

Open Chat AI: What do you think is the best Valentine's Day gift for a Thai girlfriend?

Valentine's Day is a holiday that is celebrated in many countries around the world, and it is a time to express love and affection to those who are close to us. In Thailand, Valentine's Day is not as widely celebrated as it is in other countries, but it is still an important occasion for many people.

If you are looking for a gift for your Thai girlfriend on Valentine's Day, it is important to consider her personal interests and preferences. Some ideas for gifts that might be well-received include:

1. Chocolate or other sweets

In Thailand, it may not be popular because many Thai women are concerned about their appearances, especially their weight, so any young person who will give chocolate should look for chocolate that is not too sweet, it will be better for health.

2. Flowers

But some flowers may not be appropriate. For example, orchids may not be a good choice because in Thailand, orchids are often given to monks as a sign of respect. But if it's used as a flower to add to the beauty of the bouquet, it will be better for the person who gets it. So, try to pick flowers that everyone likes, like roses.

3. Jewelry

It is a very interesting gift because Thai jewelry is considered to have beautiful designs and has a unique character. Additionally, in terms of meaning, it is also one of the things that many Thai women like because gold or jewelry represents wealth and prosperity.

4. A special date

Watching a movie or dinner together for Thai people is considered an additional component that must come with a gift. Being together or doing activities together is a way to create special memories during the season of love, which only happens once a year.

What will open Chat AI say to couples who don't have time to meet?

If you don't have time to give a gift for Valentine's Day by yourself, there are still a few options you could consider:

1. Online delivery services

Sending flowers through an online service is becoming more popular in Thailand because Thai women love surprises. It also shows care and understanding. Love You Flower is one of the online flower delivery services that makes it easy and convenient to send flowers to your loved ones. Sending flowers is a way of expressing that even though we can't meet, we always think of each other.

2. Gift cards

This method is not very popular among Thai people unless the value of the gift card is high enough to impress them. Because this type of gift can sometimes make Thai people feel like the giver doesn't care much about their loved ones.

3. E-cards

It is considered as a great use of technology, but it is not very popular in Thailand. Therefore, it should come with other gifts such as flowers, dolls, etc. Because Thai people prefer receiving tangible gifts rather than love letters in terms of expressing affection.

4. Virtual experiences

This type of gift is not very popular among Thai people because Thai culture still places importance on face-to-face interactions rather than online communication or virtual activities. Therefore, if possible, it's best to have an agreement to do real-world activities together. It would be better than just giving a virtual gift.

5. Romantic gestures

Small things like love letters or video messages are romantic gestures that Thai people enjoy. However, they are still small gestures and should be accompanied by gifts such as flowers to make a bigger impact. For Valentine's Day 2023, for those who want to order flowers for their loved ones, Love You Flower has a special collection called Love You More with more than 24 beautiful bouquets to choose from and guaranteed delivery service. No matter what type of gift it is, as long as it is given with love, it is already a valuable gift.