As many people know, sunflowers are flowers that symbolize freshness, brightness, and cheer. However, when it comes to love, this beautiful flower has a deeper meaning. Today, LoveYouFlower™ will tell you the story, legend, and deep meaning of this yellow flower that faces the sun and let everyone read it. And for those who have read it and want to give a sunflower to someone they love, after we know the meaning, LoveYouFlower™ will show everyone how we can give sunflowers to someone or give them on any occasion.

History of the sunflower

The origin of sunflowers comes from ancient Greek legend, it's about a goddess named Clytie, her beauty was favored by many gods, but she did not care about them. until one day, a storm occurred and Clytie swept away she first saw the sun, or the god Apollo at that time. Clytie fell in love with the sun deeply, she watched it for nine days without interruption but never received any attention. Until other gods began to sympathize and see the situation, they changed Clytie into a sunflower, so she could always face the sun and be with him forever.

The meaning of sunflowers

In terms of love, sunflowers symbolize pure and steadfast love, like Clytie who constantly gazed at Apollo. Therefore, giving someone a sunflower means telling them that my love for you will be constant, and unchanged, like how the sunflower always faces the sun. In addition to this meaning, sunflowers also represent happiness, and cheerfulness and are suitable to be given as gifts to bring joy and happiness.
What about the legend and meaning of sunflowers in other aspects that are not just about happiness and cheerfulness? Reading it makes you feel that it is related to the steadfast love of Clytie for Apollo, who just sat and stared without going anywhere. It's not true love if you can't do it, right? It can be called someone consistent with true love. From this perspective, it can be said that sunflowers are very suitable as flowers to give to the people we love.

When can sunflowers be given as a gift?

In terms of love, telling someone how you feel, or asking for marriage, the sunflower can convey your message of pure and steadfast love, similar to how the Greek goddess Clytie loved Apollo deeply and never strayed from her gaze. In addition to this connotation, the sunflower is also a symbol of joy and happiness, making it an ideal gift to express your wish for the other person to have nothing but happiness and positivity in their life.

It can also be used as a bridal flower. Usually, when talking about weddings, we think of white or pastel-colored flowers, but in other countries, there are many different designs for bridal flowers, one of which is the sunflower. This type of flower is usually used to create a warm and cheerful atmosphere, making it perfect for outdoor weddings or for a wedding theme that has a rustic, countryside, or nature touch.

Visiting patients: If you are looking for something to cheer up a sick person or a gift for a patient, LoveYouFlower™ recommends sunflowers. The bright colors of this flower can help brighten the mood of the patient in a way you wouldn't believe. Expressing congratulations: Besides the other occasions mentioned earlier, it would be a shame to miss out on the opportunity to express congratulations. Sunflowers are considered suitable for this occasion as well. Whether it is for a new business opening, a promotion, or even just at home, it is common to give sunflowers to new graduates, for example, as a way to express congratulations and good luck for the future.

Apology or expressing regret: Even though we rarely see someone giving this type of flower as an apology or expressing regret, it is still possible. Because no matter what type of flower it is, the most important thing is the feeling that comes from the giver's heart. The sunflower is a helper in creating a smile on the recipient's face after hearing our apology.

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