Flowers are beautiful things that nature creates. Even though they may not seem like much to the average person, when you take a closer look and consider their colors, shapes, and scents, flowers can be just as captivating as humans with their unique characteristics and charm. On Valentine's Day, people often send flowers to express their feelings, but did you know that many different types of flowers are beautiful, cute, and have special meanings? All of these make them a great way to express emotions and feelings, instead of just using words.

And Valentine's Day is often a special day when people often express their feelings to each other through flowers. But do you know that in addition to the roses that many people are familiar with, there are also many other beautiful flower types with good meanings? Let's take a look at what they are and what they represent.

The Meaning of Flowers


The word "ku-laab" comes from the Persian word "kul" which means red flower or rose. And in English, the word "Rose" comes from the Greek word "rhodon" which means happiness and good relationships and it is suitable to give as a gift to express love.
• Red Rose
The red rose is suitable for expressing love or secretly admiring someone. It is a symbol of the heart to convey that someone is secretly admiring or even deeply, firmly in love. It is considered a god's flower that will bring good luck in love to girls or young men who are waiting for someone to fill their hearts.
• Orange Rose
The orange rose symbolizes the freshness and authenticity of the recipient. Being near it makes one feel warm and cozy.
• Pink Rose
The pink rose represents the romantic and sweet love that the giver has for the receiver. It gives a feeling of warmth and happiness.
• Yellow Rose
The yellow rose is a symbol of friendship. They express concern and the desire for good health and happiness. Many people believe that they are flowers used to visit the sick, but they can also be given to friends on special occasions.
• White Rose
The white rose symbolizes pure and selfless love. They express love without the expectation of receiving love in return. They are often used to express genuine feelings or sincere intentions.


• White Lily
The white lilies also symbolize pure and selfless love, similar to white chrysanthemums. In addition, they also express gentle and sincere love and are often used to express the sentiment "I am happy to know you and be near you". Therefore, white lilies are appropriate for occasions such as getting to know someone or expressing love on Valentine's Day.
• Pink Lily
The pink lilies symbolize a long search for love that finally comes to fruition. They are flowers that perfectly blend the emotions of love, expressing genuine love. Pink lilies are appropriate for occasions when you want to express your innermost feelings and emotions. They are suitable for expressing love and appreciation for a long-time partner, or for expressing the sentiment of finding true love after a long search.
• Orange Lily
The orange lilies symbolize cheerfulness, freshness, and contentment in one's current situation. They represent the sentiment of "happiness in being near you" and are flowers that combine love and freshness in a balanced way. Orange lilies are appropriate for occasions when you want to give them to someone you love as a symbol of happiness and contentment.
• Yellow Lily
Yellow lilies symbolize warmth, concern, and the stability of love. They are flowers that convey deep and meaningful emotions of love. They are often given to express the sentiment of care, affection, and appreciation.

Lily of the valley

The lily of the valley, also known as the "Return of Happiness" flower, symbolizes the return of happiness and joy. Its small, delicate, white flowers on slender stems, and its sweet fragrance, make it a deeply meaningful flower. It is often used as a symbol of pure and sincere love and is also associated with the celebration of spring.


The Carnation is a flower that symbolizes celebration and joy. Its origins are from the Greek and Roman cultures, where it was often used to express congratulations and other happy sentiments. They are also associated with Mother's Day and it is also a symbol of love and admiration.

• Red Carnation
A carnation flower of red color symbolizes love, expressing a request to see my love. It is a cute and charming way to express love. If you want to express your secret love to someone, giving a red carnation is perfect.
• Pink Carnation
A carnation flower of pink color has a sweet and deep meaning, like the sweetness of the flower itself, representing a love that is blooming. It expresses a love that is growing and the heart is full of pink.
• Mixed Color Carnation
Mixed color carnation represents friendship. If someone gives you a variegated carnation, it means they think of you as a friend or a sibling. But it's not clear if their feelings for you will change in the future.
• Yellow Carnation
The carnation of yellow color represents resentment and disdain. If someone gives you a yellow carnation, it means they dislike or resent you. Or it could also mean they are feeling regretful and want to make amends.
• White Carnation
The white carnation symbolizes admiration and congratulations on various occasions, or it can signify pure and unadulterated love. If someone gives you a white carnation, it means they see you as valuable and worthy of admiration. Additionally, it is also used to express gratitude.


Gerbera has two meanings, one is purity without ambiguity and the other is strong. As the saying goes, "a pure mind but with a strong presence" or "you are the sun of my life." Additionally, Euonymus is an easy-to-grow flower with various colors and beauty, it is often cut and used for decoration in homes or other spaces as it can extend the life of the flower. Furthermore, not only is it beautiful, but it also can purify indoor air pollutants.


Hydrangea is a flower with a beautiful appearance, delicate shape, and soothing color. There are not many types of flowers that have a blue-purple color like this. The distinctive feature of this flower type is that it does not give a romantic meaning as much as roses or lilies. Therefore, it can be given on many occasions. Nowadays, it is common to give hydrangeas as a gift. It is a flower that is used to express the phrase "thank you for understanding and accepting everything."


The Chrysanthemum flower, also known as the "mum," is a symbol of happiness and purity of heart. It is said that those who give this type of flower are people who see the world in a positive light. It is also associated with the fall season and in traditional Chinese beliefs, the Benjamina flower represents long-lasting beauty and longevity.
• Red Chrysanthemum
It is a flower of love, often given to express fondness.
• Yellow Chrysanthemum
It is a flower of good luck, a slight love. It is often given to elders or people who are known but haven't seen for a long time, or just came back home for the first time. (showing a love that is easy to waver)
• White Chrysanthemum
Considered a noble and prestigious flower, it symbolizes honesty. It can be given to anyone to show honest love and respect, not limited to the opposite gender only.

Calla Lily

Calla lily is a popular flower for weddings, as it adds elegance and beauty to the atmosphere, as well as conveys love and romance. It is also a symbol of purity and brightness.

Cutter Flower

The cutter flower, also known as the "I only have you in my heart" flower, is a flower that is more of an ornament than a striking one. It is often placed in the background in arrangements. It has beautiful, large, and brightly colored flowers that are prominent in the front, but its beauty lies in the fact that it is a flower with a heart. It means that even though I may not be noticed, as long as I have you in my heart, it's enough for me. It is suitable for someone who secretly likes or loves someone.


Lisianthus is a small flower that resembles a rosebud, but with delicate petals. It is popular for wedding decorations because it adds elegance, beauty, and romance to the atmosphere. It comes in various colors such as white, pink, white with pink edges, pink, purple, and lavender. When combined with other flowers, it makes the arrangement look delicate and sweet. The meaning of Lisianthus is taking care of others constantly, or having a lasting and good relationship with someone.


Anthurium represents a lonely and sad young lady who is still strong and resilient in her dignity. However, if it represents love, it has a good meaning that cannot be surpassed, which is "a love that is steady and enduring.”

The Statice

The Statice flower is a flower that maintains its beauty for a long time and maintains its shape even when the flower dries up. It is often used to decorate large flower arrangements for ceremonies and weddings. Additionally, during special occasions such as dating or anniversaries in the European region, it is common to give Statice flowers as a gift as it symbolizes good feelings and memories that will last forever between two people.


The orchid flower represents strength, love, and beauty. However, for Chinese people, orchids are also known as the language of love, meaning that one cannot help but think of the other. In addition to love between a man and a woman, orchids are also used as symbols in Teacher's Day celebrations because, like orchids, a good teacher takes time and care to nurture their students and help them grow and flourish.

And these are the 12 types of flowers that symbolize sweet and pure love. Some of these flowers may not only be given to loved ones, but also to family, teachers, and mentors, to show them, love, as well. Because love has no limits, just like these flowers.

So, on Valentine's Day, if anyone is looking for a flower to give to a special someone, you can choose to look at the types of flowers with good meanings before buying them in this article. I guarantee that it is a unique gift and also creates new surprises for the special person receiving it.