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The 70-Year Love Story of the True Couple of the Land.

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7 Feb. 2567
The 70-Year Love Story of the True Couple of the Land.
(cr pic: Rabbit Daily)

Throughout the 70-year reign of King Rama IX and Queen Sirikit in the 9th reign, the Thai people have often heard the love story of both through interviews or various books. These sources reveal that both of them are a true couple and the partners in each other's lives. Even though Queen Sirikit mentioned in an interview in the 9th reign that her initial feelings towards King Rama IX were somewhat negative, the subsequent romantic and sweet stories have left an indelible mark in the hearts of the Thai people nationwide.

And the stories that LoveYouFlower™ has gathered are just a part of the love that has unfolded over the past 70 years. Let's take a closer look at how poignant and impressive these stories really are.

4 sheets of colored paper, each approximately 2 feet long.

4 sheets of cardboard, each approximately 2 feet long.

When I first met

Center of the Nation - Thai Royal Family
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Once, during the reign of Queen Sirikit in the 9th reign, she gave an interview to BBC for the documentary 'Soul of a Nation – The Royal Family of Thailand.' The reporter asked Her Majesty how she felt the first time she met in the 9th reign. She replied, 'For me, it was the first time I felt dislike, more than the first time I felt love.' This sentiment arose because, in the year 2489 B.E., during the 9th reign, His Majesty went to France to personally drive a new royal car, replacing the old one that had been in use for a long time. Her Majesty graciously ordered Colonel Mongkol Kitayakorn, the Thai Ambassador to Paris, along with his family, to attend the audience. However, the royal arrival was scheduled for 4 p.m. but was delayed until 1 a.m., three hours later than planned. This caused Queen Sirikit in the 9th reign to rehearse withdrawing the lotus thread for a long time, and she was even sent away by the elders to dine at another table. This incident marked the beginning of her first feeling of dislike.

600 kilometers

600 kilometers
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In October 2491 B.E., during the reign of King Rama IX, there was a car accident outside Loei City. While receiving medical treatment at the hospital, His Majesty ordered the Royal Guard to contact Colonel Mongkol Kitayakorn to have Major Bua Kitayakorn, the Princess's doctor, and Dr. Busaba visit and monitor the condition daily. This incident contributed to strengthening the relationship between King Rama IX and Queen Sirikit, leading to the enduring love they shared.

But after Colonel Mongkol Kitayakorn was appointed as the Thai Ambassador to London, making it even more difficult for both of them to meet. This is because, during the reign of King Rama IX, every time King Rama IX wanted to meet Dr. Sirikit, he had to travel more than 600 kilometers to the Thai Embassy in London.

Royal Wedding Ceremony

Royal wedding coronation ceremony
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On July 19, 1949, the royal engagement ceremony took place in a simple manner at the Windsor Hotel in Los Angeles. In the 9th reign, His Majesty the King wore the royal insignia as an engagement gift for Mom Rajawongse Sirikit. The insignia was the same as the one Her Majesty Queen Sirikit had received earlier. Subsequently, both their Majesties conducted the royal wedding ceremony at the Srapathum Palace on April 28, 1950. The marriage was registered, and Mom Rajawongse Sirikit was officially named Her Majesty Queen Sirikit, alongside His Majesty the King.

Queen is my smile

Queen is my smile
(cr pic: AUGUSTMAN)

In the eyes of the public, it is often seen that in the 9th reign, His Majesty the King traveled extensively to fulfill royal duties, leading people to perceive him as a dignified and solemn figure. However, in reality, His Majesty was a person full of humor and romance. On one occasion during a foreign press interview, when His Majesty visited the United States in 1960, a journalist asked, 'Why does the Thai King rarely smile?' In response, His Majesty gestured toward Her Majesty Queen Sirikit and said, 'The Queen is my smile.

people on camera

The camera, an item that King Rama IX found intriguing and valued
(cr pic: MTHAI)

No matter where in the world King Rama IX visited, in addition to the customary map that he often carried with him, there was another item that accompanied him—his camera. The camera has been an object of interest for the King since his youth, and he has studied various camera models throughout his life. In addition to capturing images for documentary purposes, preserving moments of his various activities, the King also had a fondness for photographing Queen Sirikit in the reign of King Rama IX. Once, he shared in an interview with foreign photographers, 'We don't really like it when someone comes to photograph our wife. We feel possessive and jealous of all those photographers because we like to photograph the Queen ourselves. We never discard a single photo of her, even if there are some images we don't particularly like.'

In the past year, Thai people often see images of King Rama IX and Queen Sirikit in the same frame, even in remote areas that are difficult to access. Both figures have remained side by side, unchanged, despite the challenges of reaching certain regions. The stories compiled by LoveYouFlower™ represent just a small part of the love that has endured over the past 70 years. Even with this limited glimpse, LoveYouFlower™ has captured the profound love from the hearts of the Thai people for both figures. Undoubtedly, the love stories of these two monarchs will remain deeply ingrained in the hearts of the Thai people for a very long time.

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