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Flowers are the symbol of good wishes and supports. Therefore, LoveYouFlower is not only a florist for your happy days, but also be your source for heartfelt funeral flowers. Our sister brand, LeWreath offer a curated selection of funeral wreaths, condolence flowers, and sympathy wreaths. Express your deepest condolences with our meaningful and respectful floral tributes, crafted to honor and celebrate the lives of your loved ones.

At LeWreath, we take pride in offering exceptional services to make your experience seamless and personal. With us, you'll enjoy free delivery, ensuring that your funeral flowers reach their destination with care and compassion. Also the same-day delivery is available for orders placed before 2 pm, ensuring that your condolences are conveyed promptly. As an added touch, we give you the option to customize the flower colors and the signboard accompanying your arrangement, allowing you to include your company's logo or name. LeWreath provides free wreath delivery in Bangkok and Nonthaburi, with same-day service available. Simply order by 2:00 PM.

We are committed to helping you pay the most respectful and heartfelt tribute to your loved ones through the language of flowers. To place order or if you need recommendation on flowers for funeral, just click “Contact Us” and our service team will swift promptly.

Example of our funeral wreaths

At LeWreath, we offer a wide range of wreaths to suit every preference. Our collection includes fresh flower wreaths in various styles such as Thai, contemporary, and modern. For those with environmental concerns, we also provide artificial flower options and other creative wreaths. Discover the perfect tribute that matches your taste and values with LeWreath.

Top 10 Flowers for funeral in Thailand

In Thailand, where Buddhism and Christianity are the predominant religions, funerals hold great cultural significance. Offering condolences and paying respect to the departed soul and their grieving family is an essential aspect of Thai tradition. One of the most heartfelt ways to express sympathy and love during these solemn occasions is by sending wreaths.

While fresh flower wreaths are the most popular choice, there are several other beautiful and meaningful options available. Here, we present the top floral tributes that hold special significance in Thai funeral customs

No. 1

Thai Elegance Wreath (LP306)

Embodying the essence of contemporary Thai style, this wreath gracefully blends a soothing white-blue color scheme. Crafted with fresh Chrysanthemums, lisianthus, and hydrangeas, it exudes a serene aura. A touch of authentic Thai tradition is added with a white garland gracefully adorning the top. This exquisite floral tribute is a heartfelt expression of sympathy and respect, honoring the departed soul with grace and beauty.

No. 2

Refined Elegance Wreath (LP206)

This contemporary-style wreath showcases a delightful pastel color palette, featuring an assortment of carnations, roses, lisianthus, and other exquisite blooms. Each flower carefully chosen to symbolize the serene beauty of a pastel garden. Through this thoughtful tribute, we convey heartfelt cheer and solace to the grieving family during their time of sorrow.

No. 3

Elegant Thai Crafted Wreath (LF102)

This luxurious and sophisticated wreath is meticulously crafted by experts, combining Thai ornaments with a graceful blend of blue and purple flowers. The use of purple, symbolizing sadness, makes it a thoughtful choice for those seeking to express sincere respect and condolences. Embrace the beauty of this exquisite tribute, carefully designed to convey heartfelt sympathy and honor the memory of the departed with utmost reverence.

No. 4

Best-Selling Elegance Wreath (LP309)

A delicate oval arrangement featuring a harmonious blend of white and pink-purple tones makes this wreath our most sought-after creation. Its simplicity exudes a timeless elegance that appeals to a wide range of relationships. Neither overwhelming nor inadequate, this wreath strikes the perfect balance, conveying your heartfelt sentiments with grace and beauty.

No. 5

Contemporary Tropical Forest Wreath (LP208)

A modern rectangle shape wreath featuring vibrant colors reminiscent of the tropical forest. With lilies, gerberas, hydrangeas, anthuriums, and more, it brings fresh and sylvan elements to ease the sadness. A soothing and comforting tribute for the grieving.

No. 6

Golden Blossom Mat Wreath (ML007)

Celebrating the Thai tradition of utilizing mats, a practical material often found in temples, we present a stunning mat wreath adorned with golden artificial flowers. The contrasting combination of black mat and radiant blossoms creates an exquisite tribute. A unique feature of this wreath is its purpose beyond the funeral – the mat can be graciously donated to a temple, extending its usefulness and symbolizing a gesture of reverence and devotion. Honor your loved one's memory with this exceptional mat wreath that pays homage to Thai customs and fosters a legacy of giving back.

No. 7

Artisanal Mulberry Paper Wreaths (LA012)

Luxurious and Durable Handmade Paper Wreaths that Support Local Artisans. These exquisite wreaths boast timeless elegance and longevity, crafted with utmost care using the finest mulberry paper. By choosing these unique creations, you not only get a beautiful decoration but also contribute to the livelihood of skilled local artisans.

No. 8

Eco-Friendly Cape Jasmine Wreath (LZ010)

For those with a strong environmental conscience, the garden tree wreath is an ideal choice. Crafted with the exquisite Cape jasmine or common gardenia, renowned for its beautifully rounded bush, this tribute exudes natural elegance. To enhance its allure, the wreath is thoughtfully placed on a white stand, adding a touch of sophistication. Embrace the beauty of nature while honoring your loved one with this eco-friendly and graceful Cape jasmine wreath.

No. 9

Elegant Fan Tribute Wreath (LY036)

The fresh flower fan wreath holds a special place in Thai funeral customs, given the country's warm weather throughout the year. A distinctive aspect of this tribute is its thoughtful design, allowing the fan to be donated to others after the funeral concludes. Adorned with graceful white faland, symbolizing purity and sympathy, this tribute serves as a beautiful and meaningful gesture of comfort and support for the bereaved family during their time of grief.

No. 10

Exquisite Artificial Flower Fan Wreath (LY024)

Given Thailand's warm climate, preserving fresh flowers until the end of a funeral can be challenging. To ensure a lasting and impeccable tribute, we have meticulously chosen premium artificial flowers. Expertly arranged in a classic and elegant manner, these lifelike blooms elevate the beauty of the fan wreath beyond imagination. Rest assured that this thoughtful and enduring tribute will serve as a symbol of love and reverence during this solemn time of remembrance.