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We provide a variety of fresh, high-quality flower bouquets that convey meaningful messages in different styles. Same day delivery available.
We provide a variety of fresh, high-quality flower bouquets that convey meaningful messages in different styles. Same day delivery available.

Over 150 Styles of Beautiful Fresh Flower Bouquets

Send love and emotions through beautifully designed flower bouquets to give to your loved ones. Choose from a variety of stunning flower bouquets based on your preferences, meanings, and the message you want to convey to the recipient, whether it's mini flower bouquets, congratulations flower bouquets, or bridal bouquets.

5 Beautiful Flower Bouquets from Love You Flower

Rose Bouquet

Roses are the most outstanding among all flowers, symbolizing romance and often given as gifts to express love and affection. Red roses, in particular, are popular, especially on Valentine's Day, while yellow roses are often exchanged as a symbol of friendship.

Sunflower Bouquet

Sunflowers are known for their large, vibrant yellow petals, representing warmth, happiness, and positivity. They are a popular choice for summer weddings and symbolize good luck, making them especially suitable for graduation ceremonies.

Lily Bouquet

Lilies are another highly popular flower known for their graceful and intricate appearance, available in various colors such as white, pink, yellow, and orange. Lilies are often used in wedding flower bouquet arrangements and other special occasions.

Tulip Bouquet

Tulips are loved for their bright and cheerful colors and unique shape. They symbolize new beginnings, purity, prosperity, and abundance.

Daisy Bouquet

Daisies are classic and charming flowers, known for their simple beauty. They feature white petals arranged in an orderly fashion, surrounding bright yellow centers. Daisies are commonly used for birthdays, anniversaries, and various special occasions.

Why Order Flowers from Love You Flower

We are ready to deliver high-quality fresh flowers from professional flower growers, both locally and internationally. We want our customers to be confident that they will receive not only beautiful flowers but also long-lasting freshness. Our skilled flower arrangement team customizes each bouquet to meet your exact specifications, ready to deliver to your special someone.

Flower Ordering Process

Customers can browse their favorite product styles and click the “Add to Cart” button, then proceed with the purchase process and provide complete information for efficient service. Alternatively, you can inquire and order through Love You Flower's official LINE account.

Delivery Areas/Flower Delivery Prices

We offer free flower delivery services throughout Bangkok, Nonthaburi, and some surrounding areas. For other areas not specified, additional delivery charges may apply.

Additionally, customers can pick up the orders directly from the Love You Flower shop, conveniently located on Soi Narathiwas 24 or Sathupradit 19, right next to Double Trees International School.

Special Prices for Flower Bouquets

We offer special price promotions during important holidays each year, such as Valentine's Day, graduation day, Father's Day, Mother's Day, and various other special occasions. Typically, the starting price for ordering fresh flowers online is 890 Baht.