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The Meaning Behind the Colors and Quantities of Roses

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31 Jan. 2567

When it comes to Valentine's roses you have a variety of choices – from grand bouquets to more modest ones. But how many roses should you give, and what color should you choose? Beyond personal preference, the color and number of roses carry deep meanings.

This Valentine's Day, make your rose selection meaningful.

Here's a guideline to help you convey your heartfelt emotions through the language of roses.

What Does Rose Mean?

The word "rose" has its origins in Old English. It ultimately derives from the Old English word "rōse," which was borrowed from the Latin word "rosa." The Latin term "rosa" has been used to refer to the rose flower for centuries.

The meaning of a rose can vary depending on the context and the culture.

Roses are often regarded as the most powerful flowers, symbolizing love in its myriad forms. They held a place of prominence in Roman culture as emblems of love, treasured gifts for special occasions, and decorative elements in wreaths for welcoming guests during various celebrations.

The Legend of Roses: Why Are Roses a Symbol of Love?

Many wonder why roses have become synonymous with love, often seen as the preferred gift for loved ones on special occasions especially on Valentine's day. Let's delve into the origins and legends of roses to clear up any doubts.

Roses, cherished since ancient times, are believed to have appeared at least 35 million years ago. Fossil evidence of roses has been discovered in various places around the world. Originally, these were wild roses, differing in appearance from what we see today. Over time, humans cultivated and selectively bred these wild varieties, leading to the diverse species we know now.

The rose (Rose) is a symbol of love and romance, intertwined with the legend of the goddess Venus, the epitome of beauty and love in Greek mythology. According to legend, the tears of Venus mingled with the blood of her lover, Adonis, who was killed by a wild boar. This mixture fell to the ground and gave birth to roses, symbolizing Venus's immense love. Thus, the rose's origin is deeply connected to this tale of profound love.

Rose Colour Meaning Guide

  • Red Roses: Often associated with Cupid and Eros, red roses symbolize love, desire, passion and the experience of falling in love. They are also believed to bring good luck in love to those who receive them.
  • White Roses: Represent purity, and sympathy
  • Pink Roses: Signify admiration, gratitude and appreciation. They are given to someone you admire or a way to say thank you to someone you are grateful for.
  • Yellow Roses: These are tied to the meaning of friendship, symbolizing the qualities of a good and lasting friendship.
  • Black Roses: Symbolize symbolize mystery and enchantment. However, black roses are quite rare and often artificially.
  • Purple Roses: Convey balance and harmony in life and relationships..
  • Orange Roses: represent new beginnings and enthusiasm. They are often given to celebrate a new chapter in life.
  • Rainbow Roses: These uniquely colored roses embody a variety of meanings, including creativity, uniqueness, and fun.

Meaning Behind The Number Of Roses

The number of roses in aValentine's Day bouquet,beyond the intrinsic symbolism of love that roses carry, also holds specific meanings. The quantity of roses can reflect the depth of feelings one wishes to convey to their beloved. Paying attention to this detail can make the gift even more impactful. Let's explore the meanings behind various quantities of roses:

  • ● 1 Rose: "Love at first sight"
  • ● 2 Roses: "Two hearts beat as one."
  • ● 3 Roses: "I love you."
  • ● 4 Roses: "Our love is unbreakable."
  • ● 5 Roses: "My love for you knows no bounds."
  • ● 6 Roses: "I want to be yours."
  • ● 7 Roses: "I'm utterly charmed by you."
  • ● 8 Roses: "I'll always be here to support you."
  • ● 9 Roses: "Together forever."
  • ● 10 Roses: "You are perfect."
  • ● 11 Roses: "You are my treasured one."
  • ● 12 Roses: "Be mine"
  • ● 13 Roses: "Friends forever."
  • ● 14 Roses: "I am proud of you."
  • ● 15 Roses: "I am truly sorry."
  • ● 18 Roses: "My love is genuine."
  • ● 19 Roses: "You belong in my life."
  • ● 20 Roses: "My feelings are sincere."
  • ● 21 Roses: "I believe in you."
  • ● 24 Roses: "I am yours 24 hours a day."
  • ● 25 Roses: "Wishing you all the happiness."
  • ● 27 Roses: "My love for you is immeasurable."
  • ● 30 Roses: "Believe in my love."
  • ● 36 Roses: "I cherish our memories."
  • ● 37 Roses: "My love comes from the depths of my heart."
  • ● 40 Roses: "My love for you is real."
  • ● 44 Roses: "My love will never change."
  • ● 47 Roses: "You are the one and only."
  • ● 50 Roses: "My love is unconditional."
  • ● 56 Roses: "I love you."
  • ● 66 Roses: "My love is constant."
  • ● 77 Roses: "You are my soulmate."
  • ● 88 Roses: "I apologize. Please forgive me."
  • ● 99 Roses: "I will love you till the end of time."
  • ● 100 Roses: "Endless love"
  • ● 101 Roses: "You are my one and only."
  • ● 108 Roses: "Will you marry me?"
  • ● 365 Roses: "I love you every day and moment."
  • ● 999 Roses: "My love for you is eternal."
  • ● 100 Roses: "Endless love"
  • ● 37 Roses: "My love comes from the depths of my heart."

And so on, with each increasing number reflecting a deeper and more profound expression of love.

Valentine's Rose Bouquets: Choosing the Perfect for Your Loved One

Single Rose Bouquet

For a simple yet profound statement, LoveYouFlower offers single roses in various colors. We recommend three popular hues: pink, red, and white. The red rose, symbolizing love, is the most favored choice, followed by white and pink, each carrying its unique message of affection.

ช่อกุหลาบชมพู 1 ดอก ห่อกระดาษชมพูและน้ำตาลอ่อน ริบบิ้นขาว จับคู่กับตุ๊กตาหมี ช่อดอกกุหลาบ 1 ดอก ห่อกระดาษขาว ริบบิ้นแดง จับคู่กับช็อกโกแล็ต Ferrero Rocher LYF Jade (เพชรสีเขียว)

Three Roses Bouquet

A bouquet of three roses conveys a deep, "I love you." Available in white, pink, and red, each color expresses a different facet of love. White symbolizes pure, unconditional love; pink represents caring love, and red signifies sincere, deep love.

LYF Amor ดอกกุหลาบสีแดง 3 ดอก ห่อด้วยกระดาษสีดำและขาว โดดเด่นด้วยริบบิ้นสีแดง LYF Latisha

Seven Roses Bouquet

Ideal for those wanting to show their deep affection, our sevenroses bouquet is perfect for expressing just how much you're smitten. A surefire way to charm your significant other.

LYF Lovely Love A305-LYF Moon River

Twelve Roses Bouquet

For a balance of modesty and grandeur, the twelve roses bouquet is perfect. It carries a profound message: "May you be my partner forever." This bouquet is ideal for confessions of love or marriage proposals.

A266-Gentle Love A254-First Love A272-Best Part

Forty Roses Bouquet

A bouquet of forty roses,arranged elegantly without appearing too bulky, is perfect for those who want to make a grand gesture without the bouquet being unwieldy. It's also comfortable to hold, ensuring a delightful experience for the receiver.

A256-Adore You A251-LYF My Universe

One Hundred Roses Bouquet

For those who love grand, awe-inspiring gestures, our hundred roses bouquet is a must. Comprising large, fresh roses arranged in a stunning spherical shape, it's an extravagant display of love that will leave anyone mesmerized.

ช่อดอกกุหลาบสีแดงช่อใหญ่ 100 ดอก ห่อด้วยกระดาษสีดำ ผูกริบบิ้นสีแดง วางบนเก้าอี้

Roses inherently carry beautiful meanings, but when their number is chosen to convey specific feelings, it adds an extra layer of romance and thoughtfulness.

For Valentine's Day or other special occasions, consider the number of roses and perhaps include a card explaining the significance. LoveYouFlower believes in the power of these details to make your loved ones feel truly special and cherished.

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