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Valentine's Day Festivals from Around the World are More Interesting Than You Think!

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7 Feb. 2567

Valentine's Day Tag Attached to the Back of the Rose

Over 1,700 years ago, there was a devout Christian who defied the orders of the cruel and warlike Roman Emperor Claudius II. The emperor had banned marriages, believing that single men made better soldiers. Despite the prohibition on weddings, St. Valentine, or Valentine of Terni, continued to perform marriages for couples in love. As a result, he was arrested, imprisoned, and sentenced to execution on February 14, A.D. 270.

Although February 14th had been designated as a celebration day in honor of the Roman goddess Juno, the queen of the Roman gods and goddesses and the goddess of marriage, during the year 496 A.D., Pope Gelasius I elevated the day to a Christian feast day. This was done to commemorate the courage of the martyr St. Valentine, despite its previous association with pagan celebrations.

Even though Valentine's Day has been celebrated for a long time, the tradition of giving chocolates, chocolate, or Valentine's flowers only began around the 15th century, with its origins attributed to the renowned writer Geoffrey Chaucer. This marked the beginning of Valentine's Day as we know it in Europe. However, did you know that in other countries, Valentine's Day is celebrated in their own unique ways, and it's quite fascinating? Of course, LoveYouFlower™ doesn't miss the chance to share about it, and here are 8 interesting countries that celebrate Valentine's Day in their own special ways

Global Valentine's Day Celebration

The Argentinean couple celebrates Valentine's Day with a kiss.


In Argentina, couples don't celebrate Valentine's Day in February, but they have their own special day. It takes place during July each year and is called 'the week of sweetness.' During this time, couples exchange chocolates and kisses to express their love!


The origin of Valentine's Day is said to have come from France, with the first known sender being Charles, Duke of Orleans, during his imprisonment in the Tower of London in 1415. In France, there is a village called ""Valentine"" that serves as a romantic center. During the period of February 12-14, there is a tradition of exchanging cards adorned with expressions of love, roses, and beautifully decorated papers, making this festival of love in the region extremely romantic.


In South Korea, they celebrate Valentine's Day like in other countries, but what makes it special here is that they almost have a significant day on the 14th of every month. For example, March 14th is White Day, where men give gifts back to women they like. On April 14th, it's Black Day, where single people eat jjajangmyeon, black bean noodles, symbolizing being single. May 14th is Rose Day. It's safe to say it's a country that truly enjoys festive celebrations!

Various Valentine's Day chocolates are packaged in a blue box.


Because Ghana is among the world's top cocoa-producing countries, they don't refer to February 14th as Valentine's Day but as 'National Chocolate Day.' On that day, there are music events, performances, and restaurants offer various special menus to celebrate this significant occasion.


In Wales, couples celebrate their day of love similarly, but their celebration starts on January 25th. Instead of flowers or chocolates, they exchange handcrafted wooden spoons—a tradition that dates back to the 16th century.

A bouquet of roses and a heartfelt card.


The festival of love in Romania takes place on February 24th, combining Valentine's Day with a celebration welcoming the spring season. Typically, young couples mark this day by getting engaged, as a gesture of their love. They often venture into the woods to pick multicolored flowers to create their bouquets. Some couples even wash their faces with snow, believing it brings good luck

Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, Valentine's Day is highly popular among teenagers. Czechs celebrate it on May 1st with elaborate activities. One notable tradition involves couples taking a trip to the statue of the poet named Karol Hynek Macha and kissing under a cherry tree for good luck.


Another fascinating celebration on Valentine's Day deserves recognition in this country. They consider Saint Valentine to be one of the indispensable saints of the growing season, fostering the belief that this day marks the beginning of cultivation for the new year. Apart from this, there's a quaint romantic belief that birds use this day to mate and express love to each other.

Each country celebrates Valentine's Day differently. Some countries dedicate separate days for celebrations, while others substitute chocolates with alternative gifts. However, every country has its own Valentine's style gifts. In our country, the emphasis tends to be on flowers, especially stunning Valentine's bouquets. For those seeking beautiful Valentine's flower arrangements, LoveYouFlower™ is ready to serve. With our flowers, your day will undoubtedly be even more special!

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