Why do people use flowers to represent their feelings? This goes back to the Victorian era, which ran from 1837 to 1901. During this time, people often used flowers to show how they felt about each other. People in that era were very aware of the meaning of different types of flowers, the size, the arrangements, and the condition of the flowers they received. These meanings covered a wide range of emotions, such as friendship, love, gratitude, apology, and even anger. This is because the meaning of flowers is a subtle and universal language.

From the past until now, even though people may not truly and deeply use flowers as a means of communication as in the past, everyone still chooses to give flowers to each other on important occasions, divided into these types.

Flowers to express love

When it comes to flowers that represent love, everyone must think of roses. Especially red roses, which have remained popular throughout the ages; not only are they beautiful and fragrant, but the meaning of red roses is also romantic. So much so that anyone would recognize them as the queen of flowers. However, flowers that express love and give to a partner are not limited to roses alone. Many other types of flowers have deep and meaningful meanings, such as:

  • Carnations of two colors mean "I can't live without you"
  • Tulips mean "perfect love"
  • Lilies mean "eternal love"

2. Flowers to express congratulations

Whether it's a birthday, graduation day, or a promotion, people choose to give flowers to each other to express congratulations. Flowers like daisies, carnations, irises, and poppies, which have bright colors that make people happy, are good to give as gifts.

3. Flowers to express gratitude

There are many times when we want to express gratitude but do not know what gift is appropriate. Some people choose flowers as a representation of gratitude. It must be said that it is a great idea, because flowers can be given to people of all genders and ages, and it's also a sophisticated gift. However, you can also give other types of gifts to express your appreciation, such as a thank-you card, a small token, or a note. The important thing is the message behind the gift.

4. Flowers to represent an apology

In addition to using flowers as a representation of love, they can also be used to represent an apology. This can be seen from the fact that we often buy flowers for important people, or give them to express official condolences. Flowers that have meaning in this context include hyacinths, white tulips, and daffodils.

5. Flowers to visit the sick

Giving flowers to patients may need to be done with extra care because some types of flowers may cause allergic reactions. For example, consider chrysanthemums and lilies. In addition, there are also matters of belief, such as not giving marigolds to patients because some cultures consider them an unlucky flower. Before giving flowers, it's best to ask the patient or a family member what they prefer.
Flowers don't just have to do with beauty, they also have hidden meanings. A single flower can convey many feelings. So it's not strange that people often give flowers to express all kinds of feelings in their hearts. For those who are shy and don't like to speak, flowers can be a good helper. And if you've read this article and want to give a beautiful and meaningful flower to someone special, LoveYouFlower™ is ready to serve you. ^^