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Promotion! Special price reduction at Valentine Flower Shop for those in love!

"Valentine's Day this year, the Valentine's Day flower shop, Love You Flower, is back again with the launch of the new "Love You More Collection" of Valentine's Day gifts that are carefully selected as beautiful, affordable, and heart-winning. There is a wide range of options to choose from, including cute small sizes, big sizes, and English garden-style flower boxes, which will make this Valentine's Day extra special and more special than ever. If you order Valentine's Day flowers with us, you will get an instant discount! Order in advance from today until February 13th.

If you want to make your loved one happy, choose Love You Flower, you won't be disappointed."

Flower Bouquets

Valentine's Day gifts that are a must-have for those in love, must include Valentine's Day flowers, that this year, the Valentine's Day flower shop, Love You Flower, comes in the theme of Love You More, allowing you to give it to someone special to tell them that the love you gave yesterday was a lot, today it's even more, and it will be even more tomorrow. It can be said that it's a way to express love in a very delightful way.

Recommended Flower Bouquets

Too many flowers to choose from? difficult to choose?don't worry if you're not good at choosing, we've selected them for you! Love You Flower recommends our top flower choices, with the most beautiful and premium designs anyone would love.


Valentine's Day flowers in various colors for the person you love.

Love You Flower's Valentine's Day flowers come in 4 different color options. Whether it's the hottest and romantic red, the sweetest and gentle pink, the warmest and cozy peach, the purest and clean white, the truest unconditional love, and the most special cappuccino color. These color options are only available at Love You Flower for those in love to order on Valentine's Day.

Red Roses Bouquets

Premium quality Valentine's Day red roses bouquet, in full bloom, with beautiful color, carefully selected for arrangements, available in both mini single stem and large 40 stems bouquet options to express a sweet and unconditional love.


Pink Roses Bouquets

Want to express love in a gentle and subtle way but still sweet and charming enough to make others envious? You must choose pink roses Valentine's Day bouquet, large and full blooms, with a soft and delicate color, perfect for romantic people who want to express their love and make their loved one's heart flutter.


White RosesBouquets

What can convey true love, pure love, and genuine love better than a bouquet of white roses? The white roses are big and bright, just like the love in one's heart. Just holding this bouquet makes one feel good.


Cappuccino Roses Bouquets

Express your love in a charming and captivating way with our unique bouquets of pink coffee roses, only available at Love You Flower. The actual color of the flowers is a soft pink mixed with orange, delicate and beautiful like a Cappuccino coffee. We guarantee that whoever sees this bouquet will have their heart skip a beat because of its beauty.


Rose Flower Boxes

Expressing love in a romantic and charming way with a bouquet of red and pink-old English garden style roses. Each box represents the love and the good things that are packed inside. Give your loved one something to keep close by as a reminder of your love and a source of encouragement and feeling like you are there with them every day.


Purchasing Information

How To Order

Press the "add to cart" button to proceed with the purchase and complete the required information for efficient service, or inquire and place an order through the Love You Flower store's LINE account.

Payment methods

We accept various payment methods, including credit cards, QR Promptpay, and bank account transfers. Click here to view the payment options.

Delivery process

During the Valentine's Day, the store will inform customers that deliveries will be made from February 8th to 15th. On February 13th and 14th, the store will have three rounds of delivery: (1) 8:00-12:00 AM, (2) 1:00-6:00 PM, (3) 7:00-10:00 PM. For customers who order Valentine's Day flowers for delivery within Bangkok, the store offers free delivery without any additional charges. If there are any questions, customers can contact the store for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will the customer know that the flowers they ordered have been delivered to the recipient?

Love You Flower shop cares about every loves, especially on Valentine's Day. The store provides a service of sending photographs to customers every time and also providing notification to customers through Line, telephone or email for customer's peace of mind.

Can we send the recipient a message card?

Love You Flower store offers a service of writing messages on cards for customers who want to send messages during Valentine's Day. Just tell the staff the message you'd like written on the card.